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"I came to Lorrie as a last resort to my marriage. I really had no hope left. Lorrie was able to connect with both my husband and myself on the very first visit. We instantly had a sliver of hope. Each time we meet, we come away with a new empowerment to work out and resolve our problems. Before mentoring, every disagreement came to a dead end and we had just quit communicating. We have learned so many new ways to work through our problems. I feel a new kind of love for my husband, gratitude for him and our marriage. We have been beyond blessed and an eternal family was rescued."  ~TW / Idaho

"Since meeting a few times with Lorrie, I have seen positive changes and improvements in my life. She has encouraged me to be my best self and has helped me discover confidence to overcome many obstacles. Each time I meet with her, I am rejuvinated and feel empowered! I'm always so grateful for her insight and counsel. Lorrie truly possesses a spiritual gift of being in tune to an individual's needs. I have seen it time and time again. I would highly recommend anyone meet with her because of her sweet, understanding personality and because of her wisdom and guidance."   ~Emily Corbitt / Washington

"Lorrie really helped me recognize my own strengths and power in taking control of my life. She is intuitive, and honest, and a trusted advisor. I'm so grateful for her help in strengthening my own confidence and hope. She is a kind mentor and a great teacher. Thank you, Lorrie!"   ~Bonnie /  Idaho

"Lorrie is a phenomenal and loving healer...Lorrie's only interest is that of helping others and she emanates love possibly more than anyone I know."   ~ JL / Idaho


"Lorrie is the kind of soul everyone should experience in their lifetime. I have had many personal talks with Lorrie and the one thing that rings true is her passion for seeing the positive in everything...her light is internal. She spreads love, kindness, and loveliness wherever she's just who she is. I have been blessed to have Lorrie as one of my chosen mentors. I trust her, I see her grace and I believe in her loving way of helping others. "   ~ KY / Idaho


"I heard everything that was said and the spirit whispered even more to me. Thank you for pointing outthe power within me and the God in front of me."   ~ Gina Christensen / Idaho


"With Lorrie's help I was able to push past personal blocks as well as find my guide posts in my goals. She helped me recognize the things I was doing right as I reached for my goals, as well as giving me suggestions and tools to continue moving forward. Working with Lorrie was an absolute joy. She is kind, loving, and welcoming at all times. Every time I see her she makes me feel special, and I know she does the same thing for many others. Mentoring with Lorrie was an amazing experience. "   ~ KC / Idaho


"Life is meant to be joyful, but we are often not in a joyful place. Marriage, family, work and self-awareness, with all their dynamics, can be overwhelming, discouraging and downright hard. Lorrie Richins is an incredible professional companion. There are a lot of tools to navigate through life events, and Lorrie has the ability to help find the right tools for each individual. She will teach you how to use them, apply them, and master them so you can have the joy that life can hold. "   ~ RL / Idaho

"Lorrie Richins made me feel recovery from pain was possible. As long as you talk about how you really feel rather than hiding your feelings, you can act and be your true self."     ~ Teenager / Idaho

"Thank you so much!! You were able to put into words many of the things I have felt about overcoming adversity. I wish I knew these things 15 years ago. It would have saved me from a lot of grief!! Thank you for being so willing to share and help others. "     ~ Allison Nelson / Idaho


"The way you presented drew so much introspection and self awareness from me. I loved the way you guided the conversation! Thank you for your time. "    ~ LJ / Idaho


"I love the positivity and the simple steps you present. I enjoy the books you recommend. "   ~ ND / Idaho

"I always feel peace and inspiration as I listen to your wise words of wisdom."   ~ Rachel Lindsey / Idaho


"Whether you are facing critical difficulties in your life or just need some fine tuning, Lorrie Richins can help. She can identify strongholds and help you resolve them. If you are dealing with worry, grief, anger, anxiety, guilt, depression, etc., she'll help you overcome them by getting to the root of the problem. Her faith based approach, which is healing on so many levels, will give you hope. Lorrie will give you the tools you need to confidently navigate any situation and improve your life. Nothing is too complicated for Lorrie. You can find peace and happiness. " ~SW / Idaho


"I was processing some deep stuff this morning and my soul needed someone to watch over me to keep me protected while I worked through the intensity. You came to mind, and immediately after...I felt you were eager to help and stand guard. I had a special breakthrough. Thank you for being the type of person who I could count on, even distantly, to support me."  ~JD / Idaho


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