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When I was a little girl, I have vivid memories of spending time in a sauna getting toasty warm before running down to the lake and jumping into the frigid cold water. I was born and raised in a mining community in Minnesota where lakes were plentiful and so were the fireflies and mosquitos. I didn't realize people from Minnesota had an accent until our family moved to Alaska when I was 16. On the first day of my 11th grade year, one of my teachers asked if any of the students were new to the school. I raised my hand and he promptly asked me where I was from. I responded accordingly and then he said he could tell I was from Minnesota. I was perplexed and asked how it was so.  


The teacher took a piece of white chalk and wrote 5 letters on the board (SAUNA). To prove his point, he then asked me to pronounce the word. I naturally said SOWNA (with a very round OW sound). It was the first time I discovered that I pronounced words differently than others in my school. The teacher could tell I was from Minnesota because he happened to be from the same state and immediately recognized the midwestern accent. 

Over the years, my eyes would be opened to a lot of truths regarding my childhood.Even though I am grateful for the many wonderful people with whom I associated during those years, I was also subject to severe trauma and an extremely challenging family dynamic which would leave deep wounds and lasting scars on me as an adult. Because of silence and secrets, sometimes the revealed truth of my past would shock me like the cold water plunge after a hot sauna. Eventually, in time... and after much labor and learning, the labels and lies of my life would be washed away and what remained was a refreshing feeling of faith, freedom and peace... 


Like all trial and tribulation in our lives, the Lord can take those experiences and make us more than we would have been without them.  The path of pain upon which we are placed often reveals our greater purpose and power. I am now an individual and family empowerment coach whose passion is to help families heal and feel whole again. Like the teacher in Alaska who recognized my Minnesota accent, I easily recognize poor behavior patterns which contribute to dysfunction and despair in families because that was the life I once lived. I listen carefully and watch closely as clients share their circumstances and express their desired goals. In a kind, considerate atmosphere, we then identify better behavior options regarding emotion management, communication skills, and personal and/or family development. 


I am happily married to my husband, Brian, and recently we celebrated our 38th anniversary. We have been blessed with 7 children and 12 grandchildren with whom we have a close and loving relationship. I believe that families are the treasure of heaven, and I consider it an honor and privilege to help families feel a bit of that heaven here on earth. 

If you are seeking greater peace, purpose, and power in your personal life or within your family dynamic, I invite you to contact me for a complimentary consultation. Go ahead. Take the plunge! Together we can make a favorable difference one family at a time.




Lorrie L. Richins


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