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Testimonials From Previous Retreat Attendees

"I have loved the opportunity to be a part of 'Arise Women's Retreat.' The past 3 days have been full of inspiration, learning, empowerment, and friendship. I have been able to gain strength and courage in the lessons shared by vulnerable yet strong women. I have had times in my life where there was hurt. I had locked it in a box and never really dealt with the issues. This was a place of love to share and get counsel that cured my heart and the monster was cut down to bite sized pieces. I feel strengthened and best of all, blessed to leave this place with wonderful new friends and an outlook of joy."  ~ C


"Wonderful 3 days. You created a beautiful and safe environment for learning and sharing. I am taking with me several aha moments and nuggets of info that will help in different areas of my life. I am feeling more empowered to face some of my fears that have kept me from moving forward in my business and as a leader in my faith. Thank you for all of your preparation and the free goodie bags!"       ~ M

"Lorrie, I am so thankful for your sincere intent on fulfilling your mission...You sincerely give your life to the service of the Lord by acting upon the promptings He gives you. Thank you for having the abundance mindset to support me when I approached you to help me fulfill my mission. You were the catalyst to help me get out of my victim mode because of my illness and start fulfilling my dreams, impressions, and mission. I will be eternally grateful to you. Thank you for all the individual moments of time you took to minister and teach me. I love you!"   ~ J

"I did not know what to expect when arriving, but right away, I was welcomed with open arms. Her daughter-in-law picked me up from the airport. She is such a special spirit. Her daughter Rachel, oh my, loves to bake wonderful homemade breads. Being with the other women, with different stories and backgrounds was life changing for me. It also helped me to be aware of my own blessings, and what I have that I need to appreciate more. I learned to be stronger, centered, empowered, and many other skills to better our lives. [Lorrie] has a wonderful, welcoming home."   ~ S

"I feel so privileged to have been able to attend this retreat. I enjoyed all of it. I feel like I'm not alone in some of the things that have caused me pain. I loved the songs and the association of the wonderful women that attended. I especially appreciate Lorrie for sharing her home with us. What an awesome family! God bless each and every one of you."  ~ R

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