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Many things happen in our early years that affect our behavior, our thinking, our level of happiness in life.  These experiences stay with us a long while - we hold on to them not knowing how to let them go. I know. That is what happened to me. 


I once read how monkeys are caught in South Africa. The people bore a hole into a pumpkin that is large enough to slip in a banana. Then, with a spoon, they clean out the inside of the pumpkin before placing the banana inside. When a monkey comes near, he smells the banana and reaches inside the pumpkin to retrieve it. Once he feels around and grabs hold of the banana, his brain won’t let him let go. He holds on until he is trapped. It would be easy for him to let go, but he just doesn’t know how to do it. 


That is how it was with me. Painful experiences I survived as a child nearly killed me as an adult. I didn’t know how to let go of the hurts and the disappointments, to stop the suffering. I wanted to be free from the pain, but I was trapped by holding on for too long. 


Eventually, with God’s help and with mentors placed carefully along my path, I found peace, I found purpose, and regained my personal power.  I was set free. Now I help others find peace and purpose in their own lives. 


If you have ever felt trapped by a painful past and need tools to propel you forward, I can help. If you have ever felt fractured, as if pieces of yourself were missing because of abuse or abandonment,  I can help with that, too. I experienced all of that and more. I speak your language and know what to do. There is hope. 


As a personal and family empowerment coach, I am on a mission to help individuals and families heal and feel whole again. I believe that families can be the source of our greatest joy, but many people simply don’t know how to create a healthy, successful family dynamic. I do. I transformed a dysfunctional childhood environment into a positive, happy family of my own. With understanding and determination, it can indeed be done. 


Mentoring sessions with me are safe, supportive, and always held in  a positive, encouraging environment. Because individuals and their life circumstances are unique, each session is custom tailored to a client’s personal needs. I listen carefully with the intention to genuinely learn, not judge. I know people need to feel heard, to be understood. They usually already ‘know better,’ they just don’t know how to ‘do better. ‘And so I use a combination of insight, intuition, and inspiration to guide clients forward towards their desired goals. Sometimes I just whisper, “Let go of the banana…” 


Although I serve most of my clients in my personal office space, I also work successfully with individuals through phone or video communication. I invite you to read the testimonials from clients I’ve already served. It will help you not only see my results, but also understand better the relationship I develop with my clients. Their success is what matters most to me. 


It has been an honor to partner with my clients on their path to peace and happines. It would be an honor and privilege to serve you as well. If you desire greater peace, purpose, and happiness in your own life, please contact me for a complimentary consultation. With so much to gain, you will be glad you did. 

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